About Us

HEQUIP RESOURCES NIGERIA LIMITED is a company committed to the provision of a wide range of engineering custom-made solutions, consultancy, architecture, building/civil engineering constructions, operations and maintenance, logistics, turnkey projects and project management services throughout the world. Our company provides clients with affordable and sustainable solutions, appropriate to their needs. We achieve this through talented and motivated staff, all sharing a passion for professional excellence and high standards of care and service.

We have been operating across a variety of sectors, helping public and private sector clients to meet their aspirations. We work to create value by delivering integrated solutions on the most complex of assignments. In partnership with our clients and the wider community, we create a better tomorrow.

Our approach toward supporting our clients is second to none as we support them in areas, such as

We conduct our business on the following basic principles:
-   Customer Focus
-   Professionalism
-   Team Work
-   Honesty and Integrity

Striving to attain the leadership position as the foremost indigenous Engineering Company in the energy, oil, gas, private and public sectors of the economy.

We are committed to being a leading player in the Engineering, Oil & Gas, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance and Servicing Industry with the provision of high standard technical and management services to our numerous clients in the oil and gas sector and other sectors. In pursuance of this laudable goal, we are committed to meeting our Client’s satisfaction by rendering outstanding services, high quality jobs, swift response on demand with regards to CASHES related matters. This is achieved by the company’s commitment to all parties involved in our projects from its highly motivated and technical workforce to host communities.

Our Corporate Policies

Our community affairs entails and ensures, showing regards to the community around the project area in which the company is to carry out its operations.

It is the company’s policy that:
•    Prior to any job execution, communities in project area will always be consulted.
•    In the community forum, the benefits of the project will be elucidated and would be in conformity with client’s recommendation and specification.

HEQUIP RESOURCES NIGERIA LTD.’s Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) protection practices shall be directed and guided by this policy statement, which shall thereafter be referred to as the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy.

The emphasis of the company’s HSE Policy is on “the prevention of accidents”. The health and safety of persons, company personnel, sub-contractor/suppliers personnel and members of the public shall carry the foremost priority followed by the protection of the operational environment. All reasonable risk reduction measures shall be employed to reduce all risks levels to as low as reasonably practicable during operations.

The management of HEQUIP is committed to maintain the highest standard of safe working conditions in its area of operations. Measures to identify all potential hazardous conditions shall be carried out as required, and measures to implement control of all safety and environmental protection guidelines and procedures.

Adequate work planning and continuous training of company personnel is expected to enable the company operate with zero fatality and zero environmental liabilities. The company’s management system shall conform to the generic standards laid down in the ISO 9002 standards.

Sub-contracted operations are also required by this policy to align with the Safe Quality Orientation laid out above. The management of sub-contractors and suppliers contracted to work with the company will be expected to give a commitment in writing to abide with the company’s HSE Policy.

Any operations that company personnel have seen cause to believe cannot be carried out without the creation of unsafe conditions should be halted at once. The observant personnel immediately on stoppage of the unsafe conditions/operation shall inform the supervisor.

We have high regards and reserves a special consideration for indigenous participation, to a high level of Nigerian content in all projects. The company is 100% Nigerian owned with directors residing in Nigeria.

To this end, we have set out objectives, which maximizes and provides the most long-term benefits to the indigenous population without compromising the operational efficiency and technical integrity of our projects and the proposed plans for indigenization and Nigerian input to provide meaningful benefits to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

We arecommitted to achieve its Nigerian Content goals in respect of all our projects:
•    Seek to maximize in a sustainable manner the use of Nigerian resources, materials, equipment and services in its operations without compromising company’s business principles, quality, health, safety and environmental standards.
•    Establish the maximum degree of Nigerian content practicable in our operations without compromising company objectives concerning operational efficiency and technical integrity.
•    Train engineers, technicians, drivers and other specialists to ensure that similar projects in the future might attain increasingly higher levels of Nigerian involvement.
•    Contribute to the development of Nigeria’s industrial capabilities and competences and support the economy.
•    Maximize the potential for project revenues to remain in Nigeria.
•    Establish meaningful, long-term and sustainable relationships between our engineers, technicians and their counterparts in other areas for the purpose of skill, knowledge and technology transfer.
•    Comply with all legal provision and industrial regulations in respect of Nigerian content development.

We are committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), abiding by all project/contact quality terms, manufacturing procedures and continuous liaison with client from the start to the finish of every contract/project. This is to ensure a proper interpretation of contract quality terms. In addition to this, jobs are executed to the specification of our Clients and internationally acceptable standards.


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